What is coworking? 

“coworking” or “co-working,” with a lower-case ‘c’, is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company.


It is often used by (but not limited to) people who are self-employed or working from home in remote positions. 















Our goal at Brilliant is to provide a welcoming and professional community that gives people the space they need to be Brilliant in business and in life. Put simply, we offer an office ready for you to work at. We take care of all the details, which allows you to work in a distraction-free space.   


Coworking is for anyone who wants to work around other people but likes a more professional work environment that is conducive to productivity. 

It's for anyone tired of interruptions, slow internet or the unpredictable coffee shop environment.


Coworking is perfect for the professional looking to meet with a client in a private meeting room or clean, relaxed space and safe place. 


Coworking is perfect for anyone working from home that wants to get away from the everyday distractions of being in their house. 


Coworking is perfect for the professional wanting an office but not the responsibility of paying the utilities, taking out the trash, cleaning, providing furniture and all the other responsibilities of a long, expensive and often difficult to secure, commercial lease.















- Do you have a private place to meet with clients? Yes. We offer a private conference room for up to 8 people.


- What is the culture of Brilliant? We are laid back and easy going. Whether you wear a suit or like to be more casual, you can fit in here at Brilliant.

- Can I leave my work documents overnight?  Our designated desks come with locking file cabinets.


- How does it work? If you're on a daily pass or a coworker, arrive at the office, choose a desk and get to work. Imagine it like a gym for your business. Come and go as you please. 


- What happens if I have a private phone call? We have the solution. We have a soundproof booth available for your convenience and privacy.


- Why coworking over a coffee shop or free restaurant? A number of reasons. 1. Privacy. 2. Safety of knowing who is in the office. 3. Collaboration with other members. 4. A professional first impression when meeting with clients. 5. Free snacks and coffee at Brilliant. 6. Fast wifi. 7. A quiet, productive space. 


- Do I have to work with people? No. The great thing about coworking is you can interact with people as much or as little as you would like. Some of our members tell us is they love being around people and getting to know them and having the opportunity to collaborate, but there is no requirement.


- Do you offer events? Yes. We have monthly member events that are included in all levels of membership.


- I need after hours, is that something you offer? Yes. You can add after hours to your coworking membership.


- Is this the place to sell my business? No. Brilliant is the place to come to work from. As you get to know people they will know what you do and in that way business relationships and business is referred.


- Do you offer private offices? Not at this time.


- Do you offer catering? We offer catering through third party vendors. 


- Can I bring my own food? Yes, we have a mini fridge for member lunches. Food for meetings may be brought and taken into the room. 


- Do you have a corporate dress code? No. We are a laidback community. Wear what you want. You won't be looked down upon becuase you are wearing jeans.


- What do you have to get me through the day? We have different areas from a desk, break room and living room furniture. We offer softdrinks, coffee, tea, and light snacks to fuel you and keep you going.


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